Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sneezing burns calories... who knew?

Spent yesterday mostly blowing my nose. Exciting news, no?

No wait, don't click that mouse yet. This was going somewhere.

All that sneezing caused me to lose 1-1/2 pounds. No exercise, moderate food intake, sneezing, and voila the weight, she is gone.

Oh all right. I suppose it is just water weight and my body is merely adjusting to a new plateau or whatever, but you know what? I don't care. It's weight loss, and I'm going to celebrate it. After all those weeks where my weight didn't budge a pound, up or down, and my measurements didn't change an inch, and it felt like my body was locked in a stasis field, I get excited over any weight loss, however small.

I'm going to try to keep this loss off this week. Somebody pass me the kleenex. I'm planning to do a lot more sneezing.

Calories in: 2191
Calories out: 0


Annabel said...

**Throws pepper at you***
(and congrats!)

The Merry said...


Patty said...

I must not be sneezing the right way...gotta work on my form!

BCB said...

You've lost 1.5 lbs and you say it's water weight?

That's one hell of a sneeze.

LOL! I swear I'm not making up this verification:

witch: [no comment]

C said...

I need to catch a cold, STAT!

Anonymous said...

*passes kleenex box over*

Love your blog! LOL!!! I'll definitely be checking in often!