Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Gotta love a man in uniform

Did I mention I'm an idiot? I would have thought the matter would have come up at some point, but in case it hasn't, I'll mention it now.

To celebrate the 4th, I invited a friend to do a 5k with me. A 5k walk, alas. I stopped doing runs when my foot started to hurt, and it's not quite over the pain stuff yet. Luckily, my friend was more than happy about the 'walk' part.

At the starting line, they had safety pins so that real runners could wear their bib-things. Since the strap on my purse had just broken, I used one to connect the strap with the purse. (Pay attention now, that was a plot point you just passed.)

The walk was fun, by the way. Lots of people were lined up waiting for the parade that came after the 5k, but we waved regally as we passed, and they smiled back.

These people sat in the shade and watched us walk by. I liked their hats.

After the walk, we watched the small town parade for awhile.
The Get a Life marching band. Their motto, "We have a shape: round."

Then we headed back to my house to get folding chairs so we could watch in comfort. Once we got to the house, I discovered that somewhere along the line the safety pin hadn't lived up to its name, and my purse had fallen by the wayside. We did some backtracking to try to find it (nothing like an extra mile or so of walking on a hot day) but to no avail. My house keys, my wallet, credit cards, ID, and sundry were all gone.

I was sitting on my deck glumly reflecting that this was going to put a major cramp in the day, if not longer, when a lovely policeman drove up to ask if I'd lost a purse. I danced for joy, and said I would go get it, but he said he would pick it up for me. While he was gone, a motorcycle cop came by to ask if I'd lost a purse and would I like him to go get it.

I tell you, I love men in uniform. And the Hillsboro PD most of all.

Exercise du jour:

Walking & light rail to work. Cycle home.

Week 5 of the (full) 100 push up challenge
Day 2

Update du 9 am: Oh hell no. I'm not even going to try the push ups today. During the 30 minute of aerobics this morning, it hurt to even raise my arms above the shoulders. Every part of my body is sore and complaining. (Except for my left pinkie, but I'm expecting something to go wrong there shortly.) The ab muscles complain if I try to use them, but it's easy enough not to use them, so long as I don't try to do something foolish, like sit ups.

Note to body: I get it already. You can stop complaining. Really. Thanks.

30 minutes slow-impact aerobics, 105 minutes walking. I'm giving up on the push ups for this week; I'll do other arm exercises until my arms stop hurting. There's always next week.


Patty said...

Way to go with the 5k! So is that you would the foot/leg brace on?

What a wonderful Mayberry ending to the purse story...Wow!

The Merry said...

Hi Patty,
No, actually those were some of the people waiting for the parade. I liked their hats, and they didn't mind having their picture taken, so I figured I would immortalize them on my blog :)

McB said...

Congrats on both fronts: doing the 5k and getting your purse back. I know that had to be a huge relief!

Undent: what you want done to your car after an accident.