Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dogs know how to give The Look

Dog update: her ladyship's allergies have flared up again, and they flared up bad. Within a week or so, she'd scratched off half her fur and started scratching the skin beneath until she was bleeding all over. Well, not quite all over. Oddly enough, this time the allergies are getting her in some areas and not others. For example, her ruff of fur around her neck is as thick as ever, while the face and chest have been scratched until they're bloody.
The vet prescribed topical steroids (since she'd been taking Rimadyl, which doesn't play nice with ingested steroids). This means that for a full hour after I spray the steroids, she has to wear...

... the collar.

Which means, I get The Look.
Well fine. I'll wear this. But only because I'm a Good Dog.

On the positive side, this topical spray is a wonder drug. These pictures were taken after four days on the stuff, and you can't see the bare patches unless you look carefully. Marvelous.

Exercise du jour: Sadly, received guilt doesn't result in expended calories.
1 hour yoga, 1 hour walking. I know, I'm in a rut. But a rut that results in exercise, I can live with.

Calories in: 1758
Calories out: 624


Theresa said...

Awww, poor Tanji. She definitely has The Look down. But sooo glad that you found something that is finally helping her!

C said...

Oh, poor baby.

McB said...

Poor baby. So glad the topical stuff is helping. Possibly the ruff at her neck offers more protection.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Oh dear. She is trying SO hard to look dignified and it just isn't possible in that thing, is it?

Those photos are priceless, however. I feel bad but it's really hard not to giggle a little.

So glad the medicine is helping!!!

BCB said...

Oh, just look at those Big Sad Wolf eyes. ;)

What a sweetie she is to put up with your nonsense. Very glad to hear it's helping.

Patty said... what those eyes are saying to me is , "Help me!!! Please, get me out of this thing!! For the love of God, somebody do something!"

The Merry said...

She's free! This morning was the last time she had to wear that thing. She is much happier now :)

Riayn said...

Poor little girl! My German Shepherd also has allergies, but the vet suspects that they are largely caused by food but there also could be something else going on. We are in the trial and error phase at the moment trying to work out what is going on.

I hope that she is feeling much better after her course of steroids.

The Merry said...

Oh Riayn, I'm sorry you have to go through this too. I finally ended up going to a Very Expensive Specialist, who determined that my dog's allergies were caused by her environment rather than her food.

Simply put, my dog is allergic to Oregon. Whenever we go back to California for a visit, she gets much better.

Fingers crossed that your dog's issues get sorted out soon!