Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sick, but I laughed

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Exercise du jour:

Yes, cycling, and an hour's walk at lunch, but also...

Week 4 of the (full) 100 push up challenge
Day 2
(90 seconds rest in between)
Set 1 - 14
Set 2 - 16
Set 3 - 12
Set 4 - 12
Set 5 - 18

Week 4 of the 200 sit ups challenge
(60 seconds rest in between)
Day 2
Set 1 - 21
Set 2 - 24
Set 3 - 18
Set 4 - 18
Set 5 - 27


Patty said...

That's terrible!! And funny! :-)

Good job on the challenges...I'm impressed!

BCB said...

Ah. I can see I will have to wait until Monday to tell you whether I lost more weight this week. ;-) BTW, no potato chips so far this week, if that makes you feel better.

hymggica: little known anatomical part that is often irritated by strenuous exercise

Crabby McSlacker said...

The sad thing is, given the prevalence of sporting events on Sundays and the concomitant excessive drinking by riled-up males, that sign is probably pretty accurate!

Can't believe how much exercise you got... biking, a long walk, and all those push ups and sit ups? You Rock!