Monday, July 06, 2009

Recovering from the holiday

The cause: A four day weekend, full of hot weather, fun, hot weather, cleaning house, hot weather, low appetite, hot weather, high amount of exercise, hot weather, loss of a couple pounds, and of course, hot weather.

The result: A Merry who is limp as a shrimp. Going to cycle slowly today and pray for a breeze.

Went to a baseball game for the 4th. Earlier in the day, the park had had a celebrity baseball game composed of "vampire" baseball players from the Twilight movies. A lot of fans were still around for the evening game. You could tell who they were because they were all wearing special "Twilight" baseball outfits. Scary.

Oh, crap.  Fangirls.
see more Lol Celebs

Exercise du jour:
Cycling halfway to work in the morning, light rail the rest of the way. Then cycle home.

I only did 30 push ups on the week 4 test, but I could've done another if I had to, so I'm doing column 1 of week 5.

Week 5 of the (full) 100 push up challenge
Day 1
(60 seconds rest in between)
Set 1 - 17
Set 2 - 19
Set 3 - 15
Set 4 - 15
Set 5 - 20

Week 5 of the 200 sit ups challenge
(60 seconds rest in between)
Day 1
Set 1 - 42
Set 2 - 52
Set 3 - 38
Set 4 - 33
Set 5 - 52

Done! Well, did 45 minutes of aerobics, the push ups and sit ups, 10 minutes of bike riding and 20 minutes of walking. My arms are sore, my body is tired, my mind is so sleepy I didn't dare ride home (hence the walking). I swear, I spent yesterday doing NOTHING exercise-wise, apart from 30 push ups and 60 sit ups. That was it. I was RESTING yesterday. Somehow, my body is not rested enough. Getting familiar with the concept of 'hitting the wall.' Walls are hard. Ouch.

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