Saturday, July 25, 2009

The S'mores Etiquette Question

What do you do when the head of HR hands you a s'more and asks you,
plaintively, to eat it?

And the director of Marketing is standing by eagerly waiting so he can take a picture of your first bite?

And you have the sinking feeling that this impromptu party is not going well and it's a time for Team Spirit?

And up to that point, I was doing so well for the day.

Well no, I wasn't. But I was trying to.

Moral: never eat something bad (croissant, a Friday perk at work) for breakfast, because you never know what's waiting for you later on.

- Your lunchtime walking partner may decide she only wants a measly 30 minute walk rather than go for the full hour of exercise.
- You might end up at a "family restaurant" (large portions of greasy foods) for the rest of lunch.
- You could well get guilted into eating two s'mores in the afternoon.

I have a vague recollection of childhood (it's been so long), but I had the impression that s'mores tasted good. These were kinda icky, as well as sticky. Am I becoming picky?

Exercise du jour: 30 minutes yoga, 30 minutes walking. The stupid arm/shoulder muscles have gotten inflamed and now even yoga is painful. Took the evening off to rest the muscles.

Calories in: (Brace yourself) 2528
Calories out: 312

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