Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dang, that was quick


Note to self: whine more often. Lost 1-1/2 pounds yesterday. After two full weeks without a shift up or down. Nobody ever mentioned that whining burns calories!

Exercise du jour: 30 minutes yoga (still think coffee leaves me more energized, but maybe the yoga is just being more subtle). 30 minutes sweaty aerobics, then 20 minutes evening yoga.

Calories in: 1636
Calories out: 404


Annabel said...

YAY for whining and for the loss!

Crabby McSlacker said...

As much as I am a fan of whining, I'd suspect the loss is due to all the exercise you're getting and the fact that you're not eating much at all!

The Merry said...

By the end of the day I managed to eat more food. And during the week, in the freezing cold office, I eat a bit more. It balances out.

Patty said...

Congrats on the loss Merry! I kind of get limiting fruits, but I am curious as to why the nutritionist says to limit vegetables? Apparently they know what they are talking about, because it worked, but do you know why?

The Merry said...

The nutritionist's thinking was that vegetables aren't high in carbs or protein and I needed to eat more of both. Also, that the fiber was too much for my system. She encouraged me to eat fruit instead.

JavaChick said...

Congrats Merry! Perhaps I have not been whining enough...Will work on that!

Frank Baron said...

Well, I'll be darned.

That does it. I'm tossing that stoic male persona. No more fleeting wince the next time I whack my thumb with a hammer. Nosirreebob.

I'll whine 'til the cows come home. Or I lose 15 pounds. Whichever comes first.

Thanks for the tip, Merry!