Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Adios November

Catedral de Gniezno, Gniezno, Polonia, 2014-09-17, DD 19-21 HDR
In honor of the last day of November, I am going to light a candle against the darkness. Symbolic stuff like that makes a difference somehow. At least, it does for me. What helps you?
  • AM: 15 minutes Jumping jacks, lunges, squats - I moved around for 15 minutes. Wasn't feeling the joy, but I suppose it had some positive effect.
  • NOON: 30 minutes exercise DVD. A different one. Mix it up. - Done.
  • PM: 30 minutes yoga - I think I'm going to stop trying to do yoga until I've re-org'd my space a little more. Did 30 minutes aerobic housecleaning, i.e. I picked things up and put them away while dancing to music. Drew the curtains first, thankfully, but I think the cat has been traumatized for life. Bad human.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Watch this space

Meerkat (Suricata suricatta) Tswalu
I'm going to try to set up a pattern. Get the blood moving in the morning, keep it moving at lunch, then try calming myself down in the afternoon.
  • AM: 15 minutes Jumping jacks, lunges, squats. - Done. A bit late. I saw a note from an earlier day, mentioning how I kept putting off the morning's exercise until I ran out of morning. That motivated me to back away from the computer and move. Turns out climbing steps is a great way to get the blood moving!
  • NOON: 30 minutes exercise DVD. I'm just going to grab one and try following the moves. It's been a while. -Semi-fail. Spent 15 minutes climbing stairs and doing jumping jacks
  • PM: 30 minutes yoga - Semi-fail. Did 30 minutes yard work instead

Monday, November 28, 2016

I've had a lot on my mind lately

Red Deer Poing
Trying to remember what this exercise stuff is all about.
This time of year the days get shorter and the darkness gets longer and my natural inclination is to retreat into my cave and hibernate until the light comes back. Recent political events are reinforcing that instinct. Just hide until there is light and warmth and growing things.
In other words, I haven't done any exercising.
  • AM: 15 minutes exercise. Jumping jacks, squats, lunges. -Done. Not very vigorously, but done.
  • NOON: 30 minutes likewise -Done. Not very vigorously, but done.
  • PM: 15 minutes likewise. - Done. Took a brisk walk during the fifteen minutes of non-rain this afternoon.
There. Not deep or profound or all that exciting, but it's going to get me started again.