Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tough Hair

I guess it's because I did a grand total of almost 200 push ups over 3 days, but even so. Enough already, body. It's been three days now without one single measly push up, and the arm/shoulder muscles are still not happy campers. I've been hitting the vitamin I bottle, and the muscles are better so long as I don't do anything extreme... like comb my hair. Then they complain. (Honest, it wasn't that tangled!)

So I've been restricting the exercise to below the waist -- whoa, that's a nasty cough you got there. Did you want some water? And you're turning bright red too. Sit down for a sec, catch your breath.

Anyway, exercise du jour:
40 minutes armless aerobics and 110 minutes walking (morning, noon, and night)


Patty said...

When I first did squats, it took about a week to be able to go though the motion of sitting down with out holding on to something and crying out in pain. Hopefull your upper body muscles will be back to normal soon!

Thanks again Merry, for the shout out yesterday!
I'm not worthy!! :-)

BCB said...

*wipes off monitor*

Good luck with the new regime. Um, regimen.

china: I swear, I am not making this up

JavaChick said...

Oh Merry! Ha!