Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hansel & Gretel never had it this bad...

It was a hot day, so for the lunchtime walk I set my feet in the direction of the nearest woods.

Nice, shady winding trails. Only one problem. No map at the entrance where I went in. "Oh, who can get lost in there," I thought. "It's just one really big block and it's not all that big."

Thing is, I was misled by the map that I had originally looked at back at work. The woods seem small because, while there are a number of intersecting trails, none of the distances between the intersections is greater than 1/2 mile.

Actually the woods are over 200 acres in size. And, it turned out, some of the intersecting trails were blocked due to renovation or something. So I kept going on, hoping for a branch that would take me back. Turning around and retracing my steps seemed really lame. It's not just a walk, it's an adventure... right?

Following this philosophy took me to an exit on the opposite side of the 'big block.' I ended up looking at a narrow road with busy cars, with an edge for walking that was narrower than a bigot's mind. So I retraced my steps and -- oh, the naivety of the innocent -- took a 'shortcut' that looked like it would take me to my exit sooner.

Good thing I wasn't on the Donner party; they'd have ended up in Patagonia.

On the plus side, that detour earned me 90 minutes of walking, which on top of the 15 minutes of yoga in the morning (I've decided to count that as exercise, because it generates more calories than doing the dishes... barely) nets me a total of 105 minutes exercise.

For Wednesday.

Which was yesterday, but I only did 30 minutes aerobics today. It's too damn hot, and I worked from home today, and I don't have air conditioning, and ... sorry about all the whining. Normal service shall be resumed shortly. Probably.


Theresa said...

Well done for exercising when it's hot! And you totally get to count yoga as exercise.

Working from home *glances out window*, hmmm

Patty said...

Glad you were not lost for any longer! Donner, Dahmer, hmmm...