Friday, January 22, 2010

It's working! Thank you all!

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I get it now. This blogging stuff really does work.

Working out is starting to become a habit. (Well, jogging and walking are getting to feel like habits. Cycling... I need to work on that.) Blogging my exercise six days a week has been a great way to motivate myself into actually doing the workout. I mean, I know you haven't been sitting here reading my blog every day, but for all I know you might be looking. Which is enough motivation to make me feel too guilty to not try working out. Thank you.

So... um... are you charging for this?

Next week: work on cycling more.

Site du jour: Hilary from The Smitten Image kindly pointed me to the Haitian Earthquake Support Center, which lets people help even if they don't have money to donate.

Exercise du jour: Walk to/from the Max, and of course the all-important hour-long walk at lunch.
Done! Well, more or less. I'd say more. I only walked 2-1/2 miles, but those tendons were being cranky and my stomach decided to get upset as well, and considering the way the day's gone I'd say 2-1/2 miles is a victory. I take my victories where I find them, thankyouverymuch.


JavaChick said...

You're welcome. ;)

kaitlin said...

i have been enjoying reading your blog! your exercise posts are a motivation to me, as well. keep up the great work!

C said...

YAY! You know, I always check your previous post on Google Reader to see if you've given yourself a star. So I am reading you all the time.

Kinda scary, huh? ;)

Anonymous said...

I am always better at healthy eating/working out/etc when I blog about it! It's true - whether there are 100 or 2 people actually reading the commitments I make - it still makes me feel that I have to be accountable!

The Merry said...

Yikes! Forgot to put the star up there yesterday. Fixed that now.

Shelley said...

I agree, blogging and the accountability that comes along with it has helped me tremendously. Glad it's working with you!

messymimi said...

I do try to read daily, because I like reading what you write!

I'm glad the exercise is becoming a habit.

solarity said...

A motivation shared is a motivation doubled? ; )

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Charlotte said...

Just so you know - I DO read every day, even if I don't comment. You ARE being watched;) MUwhahahahah!

The Merry said...

Whoa... that was a dang impressive laugh there... now I'm kinda scared...

Caz said...

Found your blog through searching for weight loss blogs! So glad there are still some out there, not many people blog anymore.

Anyway just starting the Cto5k myself, congrats on completing it!

Best of luck