Monday, April 24, 2017

Practice makes habit?

If you practice enough, it becomes a habit. So I'm going to practice trying again.
Monday15 minutes cleaningY15 minutes gardeningy60 minutes gardeningy
Tuesday15 minutes cleaningy15 minutes gardeningy60 minutes gardeningn
Wednesday15 minutes cleaningy15 minutes gardeningn60 minutes gardeningn
Thursday15 minutes cleaningy15 minutes gardeningy60 minutes gardeningy
Friday15 minutes cleaning
15 minutes gardening
60 minutes gardening

  • Finally got the hour of exercising (not gardening, but still burning calories). I had to work late, so I exercised late, but it got done.
  • Yes! Finally got in a proper day's exercise :)


messymimi said...

Practice makes permament. Good luck!

crabby said...

Curse that whole "work" thing, otherwise I bet you'd be rockin' it. But cleaning and gardening are definitely exercising, yay you!

Adam Freund said...


I'm a UX designer and I'm building a website that helps people build and track habits. It's intended to help people with accountability by incorporating a support community. I noticed you are doing this here and it would be awesome if I could pick your brain for some ideas. Thank you for your time.

Adam Freund