Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hello Wall

I think I’ve just hit the wall.

Walls are hard. Never appreciated that before.

The arms were a bit sore on Monday from Sunday’s push up test. After Monday’s push ups I … was… very… sore…

How do you know when a workout is too much?

After the fact, generally.

And the push up challenges get harder next session. I’ll probably be repeating the 5th week.

Even drove my car to work today. Felt really odd driving to work. Now that I think about it, I've gone about two months without relying on the evilSUV to get me to my job. I used to drive every day without a second thought, and now it feels weird. This is good.

On the plus side, did the Presidential challenge thingie. According to them, even as I am now my push up fitness is in the 90th percentile, meaning that 90% of people can’t do as many push ups in a minute.

On the downside, I hazarded a guess at my aerobic fitness, and the P.C. sniffed that I was in the 5th percentile, i.e. 95% of the people out there can do 1.5 miles faster than I can. Probably true. I wish my foot would get better so I could run trudge again. It does seem to be improving, just slowly. Like the rest of my body. Just my luck. I've got a turbo-charged sense of impatience in a barely-faster-than-slug body.



Theresa said...

My legs are done in at the moment. Between the miles on Sunday, and the steps and running yesterday, my quads and hamstrings are definitely whining at me* and having sympathy with your arms!

Patty said...

If you can do two push ups, you got me beat. Very impressive with the transportation!