Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm melting, mellllllting

Driving home today, my car's outdoor thermometer told me it was 113. I told it to shut up and keep that air conditioning coming.

On the plus side, I wore a sun dress, which I haven't done for awhile. Had a couple men I know mention that I looked nice, which is always good for the ego. Maybe all this exercise is paying off.

Exercise du jour: Hell no. Not today. I tried a walk yesterday at lunchtime, made it 20 minutes before I started to feel like I couldn't breathe. (Can excessive heat trigger asthma?) I'll try some yoga this evening. Around Midnight. The temperature should be down to 80 by then. Until then, I'll pretend I'm in a really big sauna.

Couldn't resist sharing this:



C said...

Dang that's hot.

I can't see the video. Stupid copyright crap.

The Merry said...

Sorry about that, Xenia. It's from the Conan Whosis show; William Shatner reciting Sarah Palin's farewell speech. Sounded better when he did it.

Nunhead Mum of One said...

I'm freezing my little socks off in dear old Blighty. Have got the heating on and am wearing thermal socks. It's August on Saturday but that doesn't seem to mean a thing!

orangehands said...

I was already freakin hot and then I see that picture. Thanks, thanks a lot.

*rolls eyes*


The Merry said...

[innocent look] Gosh, OH, looking at a picture of William Shatner makes you feel hot? I never knew ;)

Nunhead, if I could export this heat wave, I would gladly share it!

Patty said...

Now I am worried that you actually did melt. Are you ok?

The Merry said...

Doing much better now, thanks. I took a road trip to San Francisco, where the fog is plentiful. As is the traffic. And lemons. And family :)

JavaChick said...

Hi Merry! I wrote a post about how I grew my tomato plants - in case you are interested. :)