Saturday, July 18, 2009

The only way I'm going to lose any pounds

I've come to the conclusion that the only way I'm going to lose pounds is if I meet a pickpocket in London.

Still, I shouldn't complain. I am, but I shouldn't. It's not my body's fault if I'm not losing weight.

After the visit to the nutritionist, I dutifully stopped eating mostly fruits and vegetables and tried eating more cheese and chicken and saturated fats. I don't like it. It's a much easier diet -- two bites of chicken and I'm feeling full -- but I miss feeling healthy.

Bit of a conundrum there. The mostly veggie diet made me feel light and full of energy, but it irritated my digestive system. My innards are a lot happier on this saturated fat diet; even after several months my body hadn't adjusted to that high fiber stuff. Even so, I want to go back to the veggie diet. I'll find some form of protein that tastes okay and doesn't require a lot of a) cooking b) expense. Perhaps there's a brand of tofu out there that I would enjoy. I'm sure my body will adjust to a healthy diet eventually. Maybe several months is not enough time.

Switching the diet hasn't caused me to drop any pounds. On the other hand, I haven't gained any pounds either. Something else has changed lately. I used to fluctuate wildly, gaining or losing up to six pounds in a week. Thought that was normal. For the past couple weeks, I have not gained or lost a pound. (The fluctuations weren't caused by the high fiber veggie diet; I've been that way for years.) I'm recording it here because I want to try to figure out what I did to cause the change.

I've been writing down my daily calories. Haven't bothered to put them into Sparkpeople because I'm too lazy and I hate tracking calories it's been too hot in my home office. Yeah, that's it, the heat. Can't use that excuse now that my laptop is back in the land of the living.

One thing about summer living in a home without air conditioning; I've eaten 100 calories today. No interest in eating any more. I would worry about this, but the past week has shown me that I'll make up for it during the week in my oh-so-air-conditioned office.

All this makes it sound like I'm not getting anywhere. I don't think that's true.

I'm certainly stronger; even with the hiatus from the push up challenge, my arms look more toned. (Not that Michelle's going to see me as a threat, but I can see a difference.) I think I've got more stamina to walk or bicycle longer and faster than before. I've been taking it slow because that's what the body felt like doing, plus I'm paranoid about injuring something so severely that that I'd have to stop exercising completely. But with this extra muscle, maybe it's time to go to a higher level of intensity. More sprints, less sauntering.

Exercise du jour: 20 minutes walking, 40 minutes aerobics, 50 very sweaty minutes kickboxing with a DVD. I do appreciate how positive Patricia Moreno is.

Calories in: 1401
Calories out: 1073*

*Not counting basal metabolic rate


JavaChick said...

I have that video and I really like it. :)

Ged Carroll said...


I am glad that you found the pickpocket picture of use. I am going around checking how people of have used my images (kind of like a modern version of web surfing from back in the day) and learned about everything from public transport to architecture but this is the first nutrition post I have come across.

Good luck with it all