Sunday, February 17, 2008

A toast to imaginary friends

I'm telling you, CBs are the best imaginary friends anyone could imagine. I'm saving the champagne for the Summer Solstice party, so I can raise my glass and toast CBs present and absent together. Thank you for my lovely housewarming gift!

(Um... I don't promise that all the chocolate will still be available, but I do promise to substitute the best chocolate I can find.)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Secret Canadians

It feels bizarre to be back to using the Internet, back to Blogland.

Who are all you people again?

Part of my confusion can be down to exhaustion. It's crunch time at work; my life consists of sleeping or working. No time to exercise or socialize or laundrysize. I did take time out to showercize, but even that was a bit questionable.

Luckily, the rest of the team is taking the afternoon off to watch some kind of football game, so I'm taking a breather to catch up on email and blogs. It feels very strange to be sitting here in my new house (My house) reading what everyone out there has been up to. You've all been busy, clearly. Very productive people who somehow manage to balance family, work, blogging and that sleep-thing.

How do you do it? Maybe you're all secret Canadians. (I mean besides Miss Keziah and Scope, who are quite open about their nationality.)

A Canadian ministry sent out a directive to its employees urging them not to use their Blackberries on evenings or weekends. (Or during meetings, or during lunch...) It's kind of sad that they have to tell people to relax now and then. But maybe it will help some people learn to balance life and work.

Perhaps it's a sign I should emigrate. That way I'd have time to exercise. And do laundry. And whine. No, no, I'll aim for two out of three.