Monday, November 01, 2010

November: always a challenge

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A whole new month! 30 days to have fun! Excitement! Bloggerz gone wild with exclamation points!!!

Something about November seems to inspire 30 day challenges. A lot of people are going in for NaNaWriMo, the challenge to write a novel in a month. Methinks I'll leave that to those more qualified.

I might manage the NaBloPoMo, the challenge to blog for all 30 days of November, but I don't think I'll hold myself to it.

While I enjoyed the 29 days of giving, I think this month I need to make this a month of purging. If I can give things away then so much the better, but I need to focus purely on getting rid of all this stuff that I've got. Cleaning out the garage resulted in a lot of boxes going into the house. (Despite my best efforts, some of the little suckers snuck in.)

So I'm going to make a pledge that every day I am going to sort, shred, file, or purge. Or maybe even all four in one day. Whatever it takes to get it done.

Goal for the month: 30 days of a sort, shred, file or purge fest.
Done! Sorted and purged.

Goal for the week: Get out of the house by 7:30 damn it! (Still working on this one.)
Fail. Need to change the goal to Go To Bed By 9 Damn It. Going to bed after midnight does not produce best results.

Exercise du jour: Walk to work and back, c25k at lunch.
1/2 Done. Points for the C25k, not for the walking. Still (note: feeble excuse ahead) it was an absolute stinker of a day: very windy, rainy, stormy. Yes, I know that's a feeble excuse. At least the C25k got itself done.


Riayn said...

I just started the c25K as a way to get myself back into exercise.
How are you finding it? Are you seeing any results yet?

The Merry said...

hi Riayn,

I'm using C25k to get back into running without injuring my foot again. When I did it originally, I found it very useful to get fit. This time around, it's much easier. But if I didn't have someone to /tell/ me to stop, I'd keep on going until something hurt.

I wrote up my original experience here:

messymimi said...

Good goals.

As you may be able to tell by the name, the purging, sorting, tossing, shredding, etc., is one of my ongoing goals, and will be for some time to come.

Anonymous said...

I forgetting to ask you this, but would you be opposed to me linking your blog to mine? I never do this without permission, so please let me know. Thanks!

The Merry said...

Of course! I should be honored :)

Judith said...

That is a most excellent goal for the month. Would you mind it I joined you? I have an inordinate amount of STUFF strewn in a disorganised fashion around my very small house. I make sporadic attempts to declutter but I get bored after a day or two and give up.