Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sometimes, I even follow directions

I assembled the robot  Didn't read manual

Quote du jour: I have grown happier with every year of life, as though gradually conquering something in myself, for certainly my miseries were not made by others but were a part of my own mind.
- Yeats

Goal of the month: Still going on the 30 Days of Purging. Three more days. I can do it.

Update du 7:07 pm: Yes, I really am going to put a gold star next to that goal of purging. I've been avoiding the trouble spot all day. For some reason, when I get really close to finishing a goal, I slow down. I don't know why that is, but it's really annoying. I'm going to grab a timer and go in and attack. I'm posting this so that I will be accountable and Get It Done.

Finally -- done!

Exercise du jour: For some reason, I seem to do best with schedules and challenges like the 200 squats or C25k challenge. Seems dumb, but if it works, what the heck. I passed the Week 4 test for the 200 Squat Challenge, so it's on to week 5.


Done! Egads, that was 119 squats. How did that happen?
Also, 20 minutes on the elliptical, just so I'll have something to put up for the HBBC challenge.


1 comment:

messymimi said...

It happened because you did a bit every day, and got better and better.

Just like the house is getting purged day by day, and getting better.

You will lose weight and gain fitness that way, too.

Our problems come when we try to take shortcuts.

Great work.