Saturday, November 13, 2010

The good news is I found the remote that I'd packed away 3 years ago

funny pictures-Howza skwirl spose to find enny nuts in dis mess?
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Goal for the month: The 13th day of the 30-day pUrGe Of StUfF fRoM mY lIfE.
Did 10 hours worth of purging, shredding, procrastinating sorting and getting rid of things I no longer want in my life.


WapakGram said...

Nice work on the remote! Do you still have the item it goes with???

Judith said...

Remote surfaces after three years! I am impressed.

My purging/turfing/recycling progresses at a snail's pace. I now have three shopping bags full of clothes and other stuff for the thrift shop. I just have to stop myself from buying as many as I donate.

messymimi said...

From here on, have a one in two out rule, anything you bring in, you have to take out two of something similar you no longer need, or two of anything at all. Eventually, you won't need to purge ever again.

The Merry said...

MessyM, that's such a simple idea that it seems like it should have been obvious, but it's not. I'll do it!

Wapak, yes, I still have the DVD player. You can 'sorta' use it without the remote, so I made do.

Judith, I usually drop off stuff at a Goodwill deposit, which is located at the same place as a store, so I'm not lured inside. It's not safe in there :)

ari_1965 said...

I misplaced a red corkscrew about that time. You don't have it, do you?

The Merry said...

Sorry... the crew of the Marie Celeste left theirs behind, so I gave it to them. Didn't realize it had an owner already :(

The Merry said...

Did I mention I'd found a lot of previously lost things in my garage when I cleared it out? (Jimmy Hoffa, Ambrose Bierce, Ms. Earhart...)