Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'd have been a hottie back then...

Quote du jour: Judgment of beauty can err, what with the wine and the dark.
- Ovid

My first reaction on seeing this picture was "Dang! They liked them curvy in ye olde days."
My second reaction was "But there's no excuse for that hat."

Goal of the month: 30-day purge of Stuff. 30 days is a real long time, you know that? I know I'm getting there... the end is in sight... but it's been a long, long month.

Goal of the week: Out the door by 8 a.m. C'mon, Merry! You can do it! (Yeah, I know. Self-pep-talk is pretty sad.)
Oh, the heck with it. I'll take the rest of the week off (since it's a holiday) and make this a goal for next week.

Exercise du jour: Week 5 of the C25k:
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then:
  • Jog 3/4 mile (or 8 minutes)
  • Walk 1/2 mile (or 5 minutes)
  • Jog 3/4 mile (or 8 minutes)
Done! I'd originally planned to walk to the library, but it was so friggin' cold that I ended up jogging just to keep the blood flowing. Hey, whatever works. Plus, walked a mile.

HBBC Challenge:
jog - 2
walk - 1

Photo of French ballerina, 1890


C said...

It looks like she's wearing a purse on her head.

Happy Turkey day to you, Merry!

Lu said...

That's a hat? I thought it was a file folder that went awry and mated with a doily. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Judith said...

It does look like a purse, Xenia's right.

Merry I said you were a good influence! I've been sporadically clearing out clutter (4 bags ready to go to the thrift shop, next up: paper sorting) and now you've got me interested in the 200 squats thing. HBBC is fantasyland however, for me at the moment!

messymimi said...

Yes, they wanted a bit of decolletage in the good old days.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love that picture, it's horrid, but I can't look away. Cold down here too, but it's supposed to warm up (as in, over 30).

Amy said...

I'm painfully white and I always think of how fashionable I would be if I were born in 1800. It would have been awesome to lack melanin then but now I just look like i have a disease or am a vampire. I would have been an awesome trophy wife in 1820.