Sunday, October 31, 2010

Planning break time before anything is broken

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I've been thinking about how working 8+ hours a day is unhealthy even if you do work out. Seems to me the thing to do is take a break at lunch to exercise. Usually, if I'm not taking a lunch-time walk, I work through lunch. Not the best way to treat your body, I know.

I figure I'll try doing the C25k runs at lunch, around the Nike track, rather than trying to run in the dark around my scruffy neighborhood. That would take care of three lunch-times a week from now until pretty much the end of the year. (The last two weeks are usually caught up in family visits and I can't keep to a schedule then.) And since I seem to do best with a bit of structure, I thought I'd try the 200 squats challenge. At least it's something that I can do at lunch without frightening my co-workers.

Tried the squats trial, and was appalled at how stiff my knees are. Is the 40s too early to develop arthritis? We'll see how it goes. Might have to smuggle in some arm weights and do weight lifting instead.

Exercise du jour: 200 squats week 1

Done! But *damn* I've got stiff knees. I'm too young to have stiff knees!

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messymimi said...

Sounds like a better way to handle the work madness. Good luck, you can if you think you can.