Sunday, November 07, 2010

Weight Watchers -- no point?

Irritation du jour: Weight Watchers -- now pointless?

I'm glad that they're trying to keep up to date, but it seems strange that a system that was working (more or less) before is now "wrong." Or, according to this article "the previous style of calorie-counting had been proven to be inaccurate and ‘outdated'."

If the old system had been completely inaccurate, surely someone would have noticed before now? If they said the new system was more accurate, that wouldn't bother me so much.

Selfish moment du jour: Okay, yes, I'm glad the Chilean miners all made it up to the surface safely. Nevertheless, this story irks me: Chilean Miner trained to run marathon.

Yes, I'm all for showing bravery in the face of adversity, but sheesh! I mean, here he is, trapped underground for months , forced to eat short rations and not knowing if he'd ever see daylight again, and the man trains for a friggin' marathon? Doesn't this man realize how selfish he is? How he's making all the rest of us look bad! What excuses do any of us have left?! Really, some people.

Goal for the month: Still going strong on the 30-day purge. Every day, I devote time to sorting, organizing, shredding, filing, or donating all the stuff I have been hoarding for all these years. It's okay to let it go!

Goal for the week: Nose to pillow by 9 p.m. Sounds so simple when I put it up on the blog. In reality, it means being disciplined, organized, all those things that do not come naturally to my scatter-brained soul.

Exercise du jour: 200 squats week 2:


solarity said...

Just had to tell you that in my drowsy sitting-by-the-fire-before-supper condition, the headline read "Weight Watchers--repent!"

Mary Anne in Kentucky

messymimi said...

Yes, it is okay to let the stuff go.

As for WW, if they aren't coming out with something new, how can they get people in the doors?

Hilary said...

I think companies of all kinds need to revamp in order to attract new people.. WW is probably no different.

Your Chilean miner rant cracked me up.

Roxie said...

WTG with the organizing and minimizing!

Liz said...

WW works well for some people... for others, like me, it works for a while then stops working. That is why I decided to quit and go it alone.

I do better when I try to figure out what I'm eating that is causing my troubles; and actually lost a little bit. I'm on hiatus right now due to attempts to get pregnant.