Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sometimes, it's all about meh

Quote du jour: Success is moving from failure to failure with undiminished enthusiasm. - Winston Churchill.

To me, going from failure to failure sounds like a recipe for futility. (It didn't work? Well, let's try it again!) But in this case I guess it applies. I let life get in the way of goals for the last two days, which is frustrating, but today I can apply the nose to the grindstone. Screw the enthusiasm part, but I'll get it done.

Goal of the month: Day 21 of the 30-day purge of Stuff

Exercise du jour: 200 Squats challenge, week 4

Done! Yes, even the 22 set. Which incidentally wasn't a whole lot of fun. Somebody remind me why I thought this would be a good idea? Oh, right. Because 4 weeks ago I wouldn't have been able to do 22 squats in a row.


Keith said...

I say, the key to success is in carefully choosing the terms. Most of the time you should set up your criteria so that at least part of whatever you're doing can be considered successful. But sometimes it's just tough sledding, and the success is that you don't let it get you down. You learn what you can from the experience and try again.

For example, from an early blog: For my first class, I chose to define success in terms of nots. As in, NOT hurling, NOT falling off the bike or humiliating myself in some way, and NOT having to quit part way through. That last one was close, since my butt and hands were getting sore. I couldn't pedal the entire time. Maybe that will be success for the next class.

messymimi said...

Each failure tells you another way not to do it, so you can try again, and try it different.

Good for you on the 22 squats.