Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nekkid Portland Cyclists

Quote du jour:
Cycling naked has become a "well-established tradition" in Portland.

Fact du jour: I'm not planning to go 'traditional' -- certainly not in November.
(Hey, there's a thought. If I get laid off, I could make money another way. People could pay me not to take my clothes off in public ;)

Update: I don't know if I last weighed myself last Sunday or the one before that. Today the scale, a good doctor's scale, says I've lost six pounds since our last encounter.

Clearly, I should've being weighing myself on Saturdays instead.

Giveaway du jour:
There's no escape. There are still storage boxes out there in the garage e'en yet undiscovered, filled to the brim with things that I could and should give away. And maybe I'll find some mysterious treasure while I'm at it. Probably next to Judge Crater and Jimmy Hoffa.
Sigh... didn't find anyone or anything exciting. Another book bites the dust.

Exercise du jour: Decided to switch my running days.
Week 5 of the couch to 5k. (Can't believe I'm into the 5th week!)

Photo du jour: Flickr


Diana Swallow said...

I hope they wore sunscreen :-)

BCB said...


Merry, I SO did not need to look at that.

Well, it's not the worst picture I've seen over here . . .

stessers: yep, those stessers, they all add up until you're so overwhelmed you can no longer combine more than two consonants in one word

The Merry said...

Wow, what /was/ the worst picture you've seen over... never mind. I just remembered that picture of Bob posing as Bacchus ;)

C said...

Seriously, that can't be comfortable.

Great job, Merry! Keep up the great work.

Theresa said...

Go, Merry! You're doing terrific - week 5!!