Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some have given a lot more...

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Quote du jour:
Lord, bid war's trumpet cease;
Fold the whole earth in peace.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Some are still giving: The Sandbox -- military blog.

Giveaway du jour: Another storage box. Puts giving things up in perspective when you remember it's Veteran's day.
Bloody hell. Yes, I went through a storage box, and yes I found a book I could give away, but it didn't feel like giving. I have to hope that it counts even if it doesn't feel like I'm giving.
The sad part is that I wish today was yesterday. I got four hours of sleep last night; as a result, I drank several cups of coffee today in an attempt to remain vertical. And as a result of that, by the end of the day I was a hyper-caffeinated-bitch-on-wheels. I should really have shown a couple of people the 'benefit of the doubt' that I was so willing to give yesterday. Oi vey.

Exercise du jour: 3rd week of the couch to 5k.
Done! Except I'm starting to wonder about my treadmill. Surely it must be lying to me about the speed I'm going. Any slower and I'd have a negative rate of speed.

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Diana Swallow said...

It really does put it all in perspective. Thanks Merry!