Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Underworking or Overworrying?

You don't know how far you can go... until you go too far.

I'm wondering -- should I be pushing myself more? I started this couch to 5k program with the fervent hope that I could make it through to the other side without both my legs in pain. So far, fingers crossed and knees happy. But am I underworking? Or overworrying?

Update: Maybe I was speaking too soon. Last run took it out of me, for some reason. Muscles aren't sore; I just feel blah. Negative and blah.

Giveaway du jour: I'm getting tired. I think giving away something once or twice a week wouldn't seem like quite so much work. Still, I'm sure I can find another book to give to a good home if I try.
Another book hits the box. I've now got a respectable stack of Goodwill boxes piled up by the door.
Exercise du jour: Rania's Personal Trainer DVD, arms and abs. Got a big run tomorrow, don't want to overdo it today.
Yeah, whatever. Did arms, did abs, still don't feel like I've got much energy.

Oops courtesy of Flickr.


C said...

Start off easy. Push yourself harder when you know you can handle the distance. I pushed myself WAY TOO HARD when I first started and that's why I ended up with shin splints all the time. Hurt like a mo fo.

You're being very good with the daily blogging and giveaways. I wouldn't have made it past day 4. ;)

marie said...

Although you may find it easy now, it always comes back to bite you in the ass.

I'm still waiting for the day that I don't want to quit before the 1km mark.

One day...

Theresa said...

Aww, poor kitty in the picture.

You are progressing, no? Able to run a bit farther each time, right? Well, that's good enough and shows you're not underworking! Which means you are probably overworrying, so stop it already. You're doing great!

demenr - The demeanor of demons

McB said...

Could be a lot of reasons the last run was harder. Dial it back if you must, but don't quit!

drodsi - when you get a headcold and drop stuff a lot you have drodsi

Almost Vegetarian said...

Oh, all workouts have these days where it is just all too, too much. The trick is to do it anyway (complaining all the way) because it does get easier. Truly.

Besides, no one said we have to like it. Sigh!


Crabby McSlacker said...

Cliche for the day: slow and steady wins the race!

There will be awesome days and sucky days and often it won't make much sense which kind you get. Glad you're paying attention to how you're feeling--always better to err on the side of taking care of yourself than to push too hard.

(Said the woman who can't sit down without groaning because she did too much at the gym. Damn.)

BCB said...

Negative and blah, huh? Yeah, I always blame that kind of thing on the planets. It's not like anyone can prove it's not because of planetary mis-alignment. And the planets hardly ever try to defend themselves.

So, new moon coming up soon and Pluto moving out of Sagittarius any day now. Works for me.

I predict you'll feel much better by Friday. Don't make any important decisions involving bandaged cats or cartoon dogs before then.

lowpo: See? Blogger agrees: low planetary output

McB said...

Pluto's moving out of our zodiac sign? Thought we'd never be rid of that dog.

ablyse: you handled that well, eve ably, see?