Friday, November 28, 2008

At least one turkey survived T-Day

Quote du jour:"An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day." - Irv Kupcinet

Giveaway du jour: Oh hell. I can give away another box. Really. Or at least go through another box and try.
I'm a bum. (On the giving side at any rate.) Another book down, another day of shirking the garage.

Exercise du jour: No option. I have to do the 20 minute run from the 5th week of the couch to 5k. I've done all I can to prepare mentally and gastronomically:
  • Hung out with a bunch of runners for the early morning Thanksgiving Turkey Trot - check
  • Watched Chariots of Fire - check
  • Eaten lots of carbs - check
Fingers crossed.

Done! I decided not to try to deal with my outdoor-running neuroses. You read it here first: it is possible to run for 20 solid minutes on a manual treadmill, alternating with running around and around the house. The dog is now convinced I'm a lunatic, but it's done.


Theresa said...

Go Merry! You can do it!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I think the Chariots of Fire viewing may be the key. Go Merry!

And dang, I could have sworn I left a comment yesterday, but obviously I didn't. Hope the turkey trot was fun!

BCB said...

Methinks your baby wol-- um, dog is quite perceptive. But good for you!

I did my part for the turkeys of the world by not cooking one of them yesterday. I'm sure all those dead frozen carcasses at the grocery store are appropriately grateful. Probably because they don't remember I did all that in July.

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