Monday, November 17, 2008

Walking the cheap motivational slogan

Poem du jour:
Easy to sense the trend in the drift of life,
Hard to compel one creature out of its course...
- Tu Fu

Gotta tell you, my motivation went for a walk and hasn't come back. So I'm going to make this short and sweet, just like me. Or short and sour. Something like that. Some days you gotta just fake it.

Giveaway du jour: I'm tired of giving away things. It's a pain to search through storage boxes, and it feels like I'm not giving. I'm going to try for the more imaginative. Okay, no I'm not. I can't think of anything imaginative. I'll go through my pantry and see if I can give something to a Food Bank.

Does canned food go bad? I have a couple cans that have been in the back of the highest shelf for... well, I think a couple of them survived the last Ice Age. Are they still good? Didn't want to risk it, so I donated some bags of pasta. It's not a lot to give. Why do I feel guilty? It's a lot better than not giving anything, isn't it? Sure hope so.

Exercise du jour: I've calculated that it's 2.5 miles to walk from my house to the Max station and then to work. If I commute to work rather than taking the evilSUV, I'll only have to do some arm exercises in the evening and I'm set.

The trouble with this clever scheme is that it is dependent upon my actually Getting UP in the morning. Good idea aside from that.
10 minutes hitting myself with a kettlebell, then 15 more minutes of a mish-mash of arms, legs, abs, and heavy breathing. Technically I suppose you'd call it dancing, or at least moving aerobically while music is playing. Thank God for drapes. Wouldn't want the neighbors to hurt themselves from laughing
too hard.
Good enough to get me my star.

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Diana Swallow said...

I actually went through the pantry again and packed up another box of stuff, I just have to find someplace to drop it off tomorrow. Rice-a-roni? What WAS I thinking? I don't eat that stuff!

I would imagine that giving things away for the sake of giving would be a challenge. Perhaps in 2009 you should consider a monthly give to continue your giving?