Monday, November 24, 2008

Anatomy of a run

0:00 minutes. Wait a minute. I need to get a drink/use the bathroom/send an email/call my dentist.
0:00 minutes, take two. Start the couch to 5k podcast.
After 1:30 minutes Am I done yet?
After 2:45 minutes Oh come on. That treadmill monitor must be broken. A snail would have a faster rate.
After 4:23 minutes I think my left knee is starting to twinge.
After 4:37 minutes Yes, that's definitely a twinge. I'll go a little slower.
After 5:00 minutes Damn. It's gone. I'll have to keep going.
After 8:45 minutes Whew! I'm warm. Did I leave the heater on?
After 11:58 minutes Starting to get into the swing here.
After 14:00 minutes I am Wonder Woman! This is easy. My legs are powerful; I can go on forever!
After 18:00 minutes What d'you mean it's almost done?
After 22:00 minutes Hey, that wasn't so bad after all. Feel pretty good, actually.

Giveaway du jour: Damn. I missed World Hello Day. I'll have to make up for that by saying hello to 10 people today instead. Apparently, it's supposed to help bring about World Peace. Plus, it'll get me out of going through storage boxes in that bloody garage.

Exercise du jour: Week 5 of the couch to 5k.
Damn, I'm tired. That was a long run today. Probably should have eaten breakfast before running, eh? Been wiped out all day; no time to sit down. (Saying hello takes a lot of time, plus vet visits, raking the front lawn, cursing BCB, raking the side lawn, envying McB, raking the back lawn... all this takes time!)


C said...

Hello. (1 down, 9 to go)

Great job on the run. Nice breakdown of it too. Pretty accurate. :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Hooray for persevering!

And I did not know about World Hello Day! Does it count if I say hello to the cat 10 times?

Jenn said...

You nailed running on the head. ;)

BCB said...

Hello - o - o - o [That's an echo, btw. Close as I'm going to get to 10 of them]

And why exactly are you cursing me? Am I not supporting you in your goal of being generally up and about as opposed to sitting in serene slugdom? Humph.

Great accomplishments are never fully appreciated at the time of their undertaking; sometimes not until well after the accomplished has had time to meet the undertaker.

cershen: drunken certainty

The Merry said...

Yeah, I'm being unreasonable. So what if you like McB better than me... sniff...

[I'm using the sympathy/pity angle to see if I can score a signed copy of your book when it comes out. Is it working?]

Theresa said...

Oh yeah, that's running. :+)

22 minutes is fantastic, by the way! Plus raking leaves? Methinks that yesterday was a two-star day!