Saturday, November 15, 2008

Glad for what I've got

Quote du jour:
“How could I have known how much it meant for her to see a patch of blue sky, to observe the flying seagulls, or how important that chestnut tree was to her, when she had never shown an interest in nature before. But once she felt like a caged bird, how she longed for it. Even just the thought of the open air gave her comfort, but she kept all these feelings to herself.”
- Otto Frank (Anne Frank's father)

Giveaway du jour: Today, I'm going to go through a storage box and give away anything I don't absolutely need.
I suppose I'm getting somewhere... clothes are going into the Goodwill box and I'm not going on a spending spree, so there is a net loss. Just doesn't look/feel like it.

Exercise du jour: raking, weeding, general gardening. Rather than bemoan the fact that I have to clean the yard amidst wind and rain, be glad that I have a bit of nature five feet from my back door.
My arms are sore
Raking's a bore
But for Fall it is warm
No rain, not a storm.

(Yes, I can too rhyme warm/storm. It's my blog and I'll rhyme how I want to...)


BCB said...

I don't suppose you want to hear about how my DS has a good friend who has gone from mowing a few lawns in the summer to now having a full-fledged lawn service and he has big backpack leaf blower things and that the two of them came over one day last week and removed all the leaves from my yard, as if by magic?

No, I didn't think so.

Will it make you feel better to know that twice as many leaves fell off the trees the very next day?

anotonis: I'm guessing this will be the price I pay for teasing you

The Merry said...

Yabutt... they want money, don't they? I'm looking for strong handsome men (blond hair, green eyes, rippling arm muscles) who will rake my leaves and mow my lawn without expecting me to pay for the experience.
Um... why does that sentence sound a whole lot more dirty than it was intended to?