Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another change in the pattern

Brilliant act on my part: I did something different the other day. I was feeling rather depressed, so I went to a (cool hip) bookstore to find something to read. There I met people who probably thought themselves cool and hip, though I would describe them as extremely rude. (Making disparaging comments about a total stranger's looks is not really the cool hip thing to do.)
So I was even more depressed. Usually the trend would be to eat some high-fat comfort food, or down a glass of red wine. Instead, on a whim I picked up a new exercise DVD and tried it out when I got home.

Note to self: Exercise is like comfort food without the calories. A steak pleases the taste buds for the moment. Exercise makes you feel good for an hour or more afterward.

Giveaway du jour:
I'm heading in to the garage again. If I don't come back, send handsome men with leaf blowers.
Sigh... that damn garage is looming large on the guilt-o-meter. Craven fool that I am, I couldn't face it. Put it off until it's dark and cold and uninviting. Probably have spiders lurking under every box. I'll give away a book, anything, please don't ask me to face that garage tonight.

Exercise du jour:
Think I'll try the Cardio Burn KickBox DVD again. It was kinda fun, actually. Even if I did start to cuss at the instructor (Patricia Moreno) towards the end. Don't tell her. She could kick my butt from here to Cleveland without breaking a sweat.

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C said...

Who were these a-holes?! I'll fly over and kick their asses for you.

Way to go on channeling the anger positively though.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I would like to borrow that Cardio Burn KickBox from you so I can join Xenia in Cardio Kicking their asses. You can join in too and we can be like Charlie's Angels and kick pretentious bookstore butt.

As much as I whine about exercise, I have to agree with you--it's the best antidote to whatever ails ya.

Way to go in turning it into a positive!

BCB said...

Wait. What? They were making disparaging comments about YOU? That had not occurred to me until I read the other comments. What is there to disparage?

Those twits. People who do that (mock others) are usually very low on self-confidence and lack self-esteem, as well as maturity. And no, that's neither hip nor cool. F*ck 'em.

I'm sure they were intimidated by YOUR cool calm confidence. Well, I usually am, so it stands to reason.

pressom: clearly a typo. should read "press on"

Theresa said...

Bastards. I, too, would like to join in at least with a verbal lashing of the disparaging twits.

Way to go though channeling that negativity into a positive direction! I likely would have self-medicated with an extra-large purchase of books AND a carbfest.

larboies - I'm sure that's an appropriate insult in some language for the jerks.