Friday, November 12, 2010

Size does matter?

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Study du jour: The bigger the trees, the smaller the crime rate? Houses with big trees have less crime.

Huh? I want to believe this, 'cause I don't want any delinquent squirrels getting up to anything criminal in my yard. But it still seems like a silly study.

Goal for the month: 30 day purge: Still going through the endless piles of stuff that I took out of the garage so I could actually... brace yourself... park my car in the garage. Sometimes it seems like I'm not actually making any difference to the pile; I'm just taking it on faith that things are going to get better. Kinda like when you eat right and exercise and the scale just sneers at you, refusing to budge. Keep going anyway.

Goal for the week: I swear, nose to pillow. 9 p.m. Me.
I'm going, I'm going! Okay, so it's 9:01 p.m. That's close enough, isn't it?
(Whaddya mean, 'no'? Sheesh, talk about strict... )

Exercise du jour: Walking to/from work. Yes, even if it rains. Sadly, I won't shrink in the rain. (Or there'd be a lot more people coming to Oregon for weight loss visits.)


Kelly the Happy Texan said...

My car hasn't seen the garage in years. Good for you for purging!

I am quite sure I'll melt in the rain. LOL

Roxie said...

WTG on the garage clean out!

Lee said...

Since you've already made room for your car the easy thing would be to declare victory and move on. But, no, you're sticking with it. Way to show us what you're made of! In your honor, a toast of low sodium V-8. Cheers!

messymimi said...

Have you been reading my comments on the housecleaning site? I tell people all the time, purging excess stuff is like losing weight, the more you have to lose, the longer it takes to look like you have done anything.

Again, go to bed! LOL

Dr. J said...

I just read a study saying short people burn more calories walking than tall people :-)