Monday, May 11, 2009

The first set is the hardest (Or, Why Rod Stewart Got It Wrong)

Quote du jour: "The first cut is the deepest" - bah, forget Rod Stewart. He's all wrong.

It's weird. The first set of the push ups is always in the Nearly Impossible category. It's always a struggle. And then afterward, the rest of the sets don't seem quite as bad. I don't understand that. It's like my muscles have to get the hang of it all over again each time I start. Oh yeah, I remember now. We've done this before.

Whine du jour: Damn. Passed the third week test in the second column for both the push ups and sit ups, which means more work re the push ups, though less work re the sit ups. Yes, I am lazy, even when I'm trying to build up my strength. Can't I get fit without having to work at it?

Evidently not. A couple of brief indiscretions with Chinese food a few weeks ago left me with four extra pounds that I can't shake off. Two measly glasses of wine last night added another two pounds. Doesn't matter how good I am the rest of the time, any teensy little slip off the straight and narrow path detours me onto the straight and wide path instead. Sigh.

Exercise du jour:
Week 3 of the (full) 100 push up challenge
Day 1
(90 seconds rest in between)
Set 1 - 12
Set 2 - 17
Set 3 - 13
Set 4 - 13
Set 5 - 17

Week 3 of the 200 sit ups challenge
(60 seconds rest in between)
Day 1
Set 1 - 18
Set 2 - 25
Set 3 - 19
Set 4 - 19
Set 5 - 25

Finally. Almost 10 p.m., but I'm done. Now I'm going to take a bath, go to bed, and be glad I'm done for the day.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, awesome job on the challenges.

And it's no fair that the chinese food and wine are being so mean! I do WAY worse than that without being punished.

The Merry said...

Thankfully, the two-pounds-for-two-glasses-of-wine punishment only lasted a day. The Chinese food punishment, that's stuck with me :(