Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mustn't grumble... much...

Yeah, I know, I know. Be grateful. Look on the bright side. All that stuff.

Okay, no, I didn't get anything done exercise-wise yesterday. Like the day before. No push ups, sit ups, nada. (Some day, I will have to try the 200 Squat challenge, merely for the opportunity to announce on my blog that "I didn't do squat today.")

On the bright side, I must remind myself:

  • The tire went flat at a red light, not when I was doing 70 down the freeway

  • It was daylight, not night time

  • It wasn't raining

  • I was in a quite nice part of town

  • Turns out my insurance does include roadside assistance

  • I had the perfect opportunity to clean my car while waiting for the nice man in the tow truck

  • The spare tire wasn't completely flat.

  • Several other very nice men stopped by to ask if they could help

  • And, of course, the clincher:

  • Now I really will have to ride my bicycle to work today

I know all this should make me feel better. Probably it will, very soon.

Exercise du jour: A couple hours bicycling slowly, but surely.
Done! 90 minutes cycling.

P.S. Check out this video, that I stole leveraged from Trying Fitness. Especially, fast forward to 8-1/2 minutes and check out what he does. The man is insane, not that I'm going to argue with anybody who's in that good shape.


Crabby McSlacker said...

So sorry about the flat! But it does sound like it might be one of those sneaky life eventsp that is really a good thing dressed up like a bad one.

I keep meaning to get on my bike but have been finding a million excuses.

C said...

Shit happens, M. At least people stopped to see if you needed help.

And like you said, at least you'll be biking now. :)

BCB said...

What? Don't you start every day with a quick warm up like that?

Sorry about the flat. But at least you have a bike. And apparently know how to ride it. Without falling over.

Life is good.

elsiondf: bless you [blogger is sick today]

The Merry said...

BCB, I like the idea of starting the day watching someone else do a quick warm up like that. Surely that counts.

Xenia, it's true that the more I bike, the more of a habit it will become. Especially if I can cheat on days when I'm running late. If I take the train to work and bike back, I figure I still get a workout.

Crabby...um, well, I could do mean things to your tires... then you'd only have 999,999 excuses, which isn't nearly as bad. But I'd feel pretty guilty, which wouldn't be pleasant. Maybe I'll just nag you to ride instead. It's easier on the knees!