Sunday, May 10, 2009

No more mojito, Mr. Mosquito

Some day, someone should calculate the caloric expenditure involved in the effort of leaping and swatting around a room in pursuit of an insect that weaves and bobs like a drunken gnat. Just saying.

Exercise du jour: Today, I'll be smart (she said hopefully). 50 minutes of running first. Then attack the weeds. Yesterday I weeded for a couple hours and was wiped out.

Update du 1:40 pm: er... have you seen my motivation anywhere? I could've sworn it was lying around somewhere. I'm sure I saw it last night. I've either got to find my motivation or else find some realllly convincing excuse not to exercise. (Well, I suppose I could run without motivation. Or I could try. Fake it until I break it? Something like that anyway.)

Done! Took awhile to get into it, but what the hell. After 40 minutes, the foot pain came back, so I ran much slower for the last 10.

Photo courtesy of rjg329.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Actually, if you then give up and let the mosquito bite you, I think you might lose a few calories in blood too! Though probably NOT worth it.

Too bad the phlebotomist on fri wasn't as persistent as the mosquito.

BCB said...

LOL! That was my thought too -- how much energy would that mosquito expend trying to find your non-existent veins? Do you suppose they've developed a 30-day fitness plan based on you? Do they log on to your home computer and blog about it while you're at work?

I hate mosquitoes. But they just LOVE me. No one else seems to get bitten, just me. I swear, they come from a radius of five miles away the minute I step foot outside onto the deck.

consima: mosquito code name for the conspiracy to drink Merry's blood

The Merry said...

It's good to feel wanted... unless it's by mosquitoes or the IRS.

Damn but I feel smugly virtuous having run despite realllly not wanting to do it!