Friday, May 08, 2009

Score one for the fat chick

Quote du jour: A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise. - Winnie the Pooh

Smug du jour: So I'm at work, right?
And the Red Cross is having another blood drive.
And they love me, 'cause I'm a type O, so they really want my blood.
And, of course, they're having trouble finding my veins, since I've got the dainty little blood vessels of a child in the body of a quite full-sized adult.

So I say "It can help if I get the blood pumping in my veins. I'll do a few push ups."

"Sure," agrees the skinny woman donating blood in the next chair. "A few wall push ups might help."

I think to myself. (Or something along those lines.) Then I get on the nicely vacuumed carpet and do 15 full push ups very quickly -- okay not touching my nose to the carpet, vacuumed or not, but close enough to count as full push ups.

"Wow!" The skinny woman's eyes were wide. "I can't do that."

Have to confess it. I felt smug.

Then the phlebotomist missed my veins on both elbows and I ended up not donating blood after all. Still enjoyed the brief moment of smugness.

Week 2 of the (full) 100 push up challenge
Day 3
(90 seconds rest in between)
Set 1 - 12
Set 2 - 13
Set 3 - 10
Set 4 - 10
Set 5 - 15

Week 2 of the 200 sit ups challenge
(60 seconds rest in between)
Day 3
Set 1 - 24
Set 2 - 25
Set 3 - 21
Set 4 - 21
Set 5 - 3o


Winnie the Weight Lifter courtesy of Winnie the Pooh MBBP.


C said...

That's awesome! I wanna be able to do that. *pout*

Theresa said...

Oooh, well done! A little bit of smugness every now and then never hurt.

BTW, love the puppy picture below!

BCB said...

Okay, I just snorted Diet Coke all over my keyboard at work. Good for you!!

Katharine O'Moore-Klopf said...

I loved this post! A big score for you and a good laugh for your readers. :-)

orangehands said...

Hee hee, that's the best.