Friday, May 22, 2009

Now that's what I call motivation

hugh jackman
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Hey, if it's Friday then there should be a Hugh Jackman pic.

Motivation du jour: I think that increasing exercise while radically modifying the diet (i.e. no cheeseburgers, 90% vegetables) has been one reason why I've been so tired/grumpy/dispirited/unhappy/insert-crappy-adjective-here. (And yeah, the severe lack of sleep might have been a factor as well.)

But the other day this woman, just back from maternity leave, looks at me and says 'whoa! you've lost, what, 20 pounds?'

I'm still tired, but in a much better frame of mind about it all.

Exercise du jour: Another easy walking day. However, I refuse to listen to easy listening music while doing easy walking. I have standards. Sorta.
Done! Snuck in an hour's walk at lunchtime as well. My co-worker has been at the company for at least 10 years, and had never before taken a lunchtime walk. Wow.


C said...

Awesome. The pic, comment, everything.

Have a good weekend, M.

McB said...

Oh yeah, not bad to look at at all.

Listen, laying off the cheeseburgers is all well and good, but make sure you are getting your v's and m's. Eat protein and let yourself have some carbs (potatoes are supposed to be a good source of potassium). Carbs are not evil, just misunderstood and overindulged. It's possible your mood reflects something missing in your diet.

marie said...

That is so awesome.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I feel that tired, I eat lean steak (top sirloin, very lean). Lots of iron and protein. Picks me* right up.