Saturday, September 10, 2011

A whole day of nothing but exercise!

Quote du jour: Day, n. A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent.
- Ambrose Bierce

I am now on my 10th day of my 30 day push of 3 hours of exercise a day. For those of you out there who are, like me, computationally impaired, the numbers work out something like this:

So far -- not counting today -- I've done 25 hours of exercise this month. That means (I realize that some of you are, like me, English majors) that over one full day, more than 24 hours, has been spent exercising in this month so far. Is that wild, or what?

Okay, maybe you smart-alec Math majors are out there right now yawning, but that made me think. It seems incredible that I have devoted 1 full day of the past 10 to 100% exercising. Even if some parts of the exercise was going-through-the-motions, other parts were not. And I can never tell if the body (especially Damn Knee) is going to feel like limbering up and working out until I have, in fact, been working out for at least 10 minutes. So it's worth exercising at least 15 minutes just to find out what shape (not mood, never mood) my body is in.

Exercise du jour:
Morning - 1 hour elliptical

Noon - 1/2 hour elliptical, 1/2 hour gardening... under the blazing hot sun... whimper...

Night - 1/2 hour gardening, 1/2 hour DVD. That's the plan.
Done. Not according to plan, however. It's too friggin' @#!%!%!@#!%% hot outside. Let the weeds fight the wasps for control of the yard. I stayed inside and did T'ai Chi and a Core Rhythms DVD.


Judith said...

I salute you! That's amazing. (Respect).I bought an exercise DVD 6 months ago, I haven't watched it yet. (Shame).

The Merry said...

I always think we should get some kind of extra credit for buying the dang DVD.

Anonymous said...

I know I said something witty and/or inspirational yesterday, but it seems to have left the building with Elvis.

I am very impressed with this accomplishment, and with your wild math skilz too! Nice work all around.
And... it gives me an idea. We have a small TV upstairs in the guest room.... old exercise videos are probably dirt cheap....

messymimi said...

Congratulations, and winter will be along soon enough to kill the weeds and the wasps.

The Merry said...

Julie, I picked up a ton of exercise videos (VHS) at a library book sale very cheaply.

MessyM, people keep telling me that Winter Is Coming. Days like this, it's hard to believe.