Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Obstacles, shmobstacles

Random thoughts:

Two days of only 40min exercise sessions, not great Today, starting again.
Off to visit a treadmill for an hour, or at least until my knee falls off.
Done! Broke the treadmill.
Swam half an hour. Until the police came by.
Maybe I should take a walk.

I loathe typing one-fingered. iPads are not ideal for blogs.

Saw a greeting card that read "I'm much more interesting on my blog." No with an iPad, I'm not.

okay, 9/20:only 2 hours exercise. Broken treadmill, police visit, flimsy excuses. My bad.
9/21 walked 40 on the treadmill, 150 on the sidewalk.
9/22 drove 11 hours in a frickin' almost new damn it Mustang with a funky transmission that semi- gave out two miles from home. Clearly, this is NOT my week to buy a Lotto ticket. Plus, no exercise today.


messymimi said...

You are allowed to pick up and start over again right where you are. Just don't give up.

Spilling Ink said...

A little form slump that happens when a lot of other things aren't precisely working optimally for you.

Technology should never be allowed to fail. We depend too much on it.

Anonymous said...

Wait wait, the police, you broke a(nother) machine, what?! One finger or not, the suspense is killing me.

nancy said...

Okay, after Thursday's events I really am beginning to suspect: The universe was getting concerned for you there, felt you needed a bit of a rest. Granted, you probably haven't found this enforced time off at all restful ... But now it's autumn and we can count that as a season of fresh starts.
Jumping right into exercising three hours a day was a jolt to your system, which you did amazingly well. Perhaps when you're able to begin again you'll find it even easier.
And I shall begin something, too. I promise.

The Merry said...

Okay, Nancy, now that you've put that in writing, we're going to be expecting a beginning... no pressure, but the world (i.e. 4 or 5 people) is watching...

nancy said...

All right. Because the downpour turned into a drizzle, and because I haven't been hit by a piece of space junk, and because I was [gently] challenged, I decided to give my plan a trial run [walk]. There's a landscaped park nearby, with some steep hills. So I went out and walked around it for an hour. I will do that, minimum, for one hour every day. I will try to do that twice each day. On really good days, I will also do exercise indoors, with the goal of eventually doing that for an hour. The target is to be able to do at least an hour of vigorous exercise indoors daily before the new year, when ice, poor balance and bad neighbors are likely to make it impossible for me to walk as far as the end of the block.
The details of my plan with be refined as I go along, but there you have the outline, and I shall do it, every day, beginning tomorrow. Unless I get hit by space debris.

London Mabel said...

I manage to type with 5 fingers on my ipad, lol, but um yes... annoying. Once I get the cover-stand I ordered on etsy, the ipad should sit better on my lap and I can se both hands again!