Saturday, September 17, 2011


Dead laptop. Hopefully just the battery. Typing with one finger is annoying.

Did one hour elliptical. Not much of a workout if you keep stopping every five minutes to argue with yourself about quitting.

Goal: 3 hours exercise. One down.
Two hours down. Getting there.
Done. Or at least I am saying good enough. Did fifty minutes before saying @&$)!


messymimi said...

Arghhhhhh is right! Hope you get it fixed soon.

Keziah Fenton said...

((((Merry))) Just think of the workout you'd get if you actually stopped by to visit each and every one of us rather than posting your progress to the blog. That might be undermined by the hours of good food and great fun. OTOH, laughter really works your core.

Skye said...

You rock. You wore me out on our beach walk. You ARE getting stronger. You just need to find something that's fun for you.