Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh, like *you've* never googled Diet Peanut Brittle?

funny pictures - Gawd! Can you please turn down  the Monday!! I'm trying to ignore it!!
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Quote du jour: The trouble with living alone is that it's always your turn to do the dishes.
- Anon

Only 4 more days of the 30 day push. I can do this. No need to reach for the highly sugary motivational eats. Willpower, baby.

Only 2 more hours (estimate) of cleaning before I can let the plumbers in to make things messy. I can do this, too. Or so I think.

Site du jour: Cranky Fitness has a great post on getting motivated to work out. I think it was written with regular exercise in mind, but maybe it'll work for lifting and moving boxes as well.

Exercise du jour: Presuming I get all the box moving done in 2 hours, I'll put in the third hour on the elliptical.

Update du 1:34 pm: On the plus side, I managed to get in three hours of cleaning, since the plumber was late. On the down side, there is now a man in my office with a chainsaw, which he is using to cut two-by-fours that are inside my wall. The two-by-fours that are kinda sorta supporting the bath/shower. Hope this doesn't mean I'll have to deal with Falling Bathtub Syndrome.


McB said...

hey, all that moving and lifting definitely counts as exercise. Muscles were used, right?

The Merry said...

Alas, yes. Damn Elbow is not pleased with me.

BarbN said...

I helped out at the food bank on Friday loading 2 lb bricks of cheese into over 600 bags for housebound seniors, and my elbows are also complaining. Agh.

Great post. Love the 'diet peanut brittle,' and the cat pic. THIRD HOUR on the elliptical? are you crazy? I'm lucky to last 45 minutes.

my word verification is scubs. I may try to work that into a sentence somehow today.

The Merry said...

That's the good thing about doing this 30-days of 3 hrs/day stuff. It changes your perspective to the point where you can seriously think of 1 hour on the elliptical as "only" a mere hour. Even if I'm not always making my goal, the mere fact of reaching this high means that I'm getting a whole lot more exercise done.

The Merry said...

p.s. Go BarbN! A workout at a local food bank counts extra, methinks.

Robena Grant said...

Don't know where my comment went. Oh well...walked the lake this morning, in addition to the usual workout, and I'm feeling good. Those extra pounds will budge. They will.

The Merry said...

Sorry about that, Robena. Blogger has been extra hungry lately for some reason. I wish I knew how to feed it so it would stop snacking on comments.

messymimi said...

Hope your plumbing woes are over, and good work.