Friday, September 30, 2011

Ending the month on a good note

Good: This is the last day of my goal of doing 3 hours of daily exercise for 30 days.

Better: This is the last work day wherein I will be able to collect an unemployment check, since I start a new job on Monday.

Best: My shower still works!

Hey, don't knock it. You try going for months without a working shower. It really affects the mood. Okay, yes, I am happy/nervous about the new job, too.

Summary du 30 day push: The first two weeks were good. After I wrote a status post summarizing the good stuff I did, things went down hill. In short, I got distracted by all the hoops I had to jump through to get my new job (for example, I had to read 45 pages of paperwork and fill out, sign, and send back 20 pages) and all the things (chores, road trips, etc.) that I needed to get done before becoming a wage slave again. Still managed to get some exercise in, but not nearly as much as I hoped.

If my math skills are functioning, by the end of today I will have done a total of 66 hours of exercise this month. That's only two-thirds of the exercise I'd planned (90). Even so, if I hadn't aimed that high I would not have worked out nearly so much. So I'm tossing the calculator out the window and calling this a win.

Video clip du jour: This cracked me up. If you've ever seen A Game of Thrones (or read the books) then you'll know that whatever else the story is, it is not a comedy. And yet, a selection of carefully edited clips and a smooth-voiced announcer can make it sound like hilarity ensues.

Exercise du jour: 1 hour elliptical
Did 45 minutes before the hole-in-the-wall contractor showed up. Damn Knee is complaining again. Methinks it's time to be flexible and try something else for the rest of today's stint.
Done! After the contractor left for a while.

1 hour gardening
Done! After the wasp-killing contractor left.

1 hour gentle walking, stretching
Done! Finally. At 9:49 p.m., but who's counting. It's done. Fini. So long and thanks for all the exercise. That kind of thing. Feels very good to be done.

Photo courtesy of ravenU.


C said...

CONGRATS on the new job and for the awesome exercise tally for the month!!! Definite WINS all around.

The Merry said...

Thanks, Xenia!

LaShaune said...

Congrats all around! Sounds like an terrific month end and start of another.

The Merry said...

Thank you, LaShaune! I appreciated your support and good advice.

Shelley said...

So happy to hear about the new job! That is awesome news!!!

You did really well with your exercise challenge. I'm super-impressed...and inspired!

Judith said...

Big conga rats all round! I am so impressed. You've inspired me to start a 30 day push of my own. Oh, and good luck with the new job.

Judith said...

PS: just watched the vid - laughter ensued. Game of Thrones has yet to reach NZ television screens, we're promised it next month. Here's hoping. (Sean Bean!)

solarity said...

Job! Woohoo! 66 hours, Yay!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Spilling Ink said...

Congrats on the new job....and getting the shower back into your life. The timing seems not so coincidental somehow.

nancy said...

And add another note
Not so shabby either: May have inspired several others to begin exercising or picking up the pace.
Hey, some people get paid big $$$ for doing that!
We most sincerely thank you.

I also think it's a very good thing you will be able to shower regularly, now that you're about to return to the workforce.
Bosses sometimes prefer that.

Amanda said...

Yay, job! I'm so happy for you. That is awesome.

KarenB said...

I am so impressed with what you accomplished this month. And part of that is what started my blogging. You are so right that in setting the goal high can help achieve more than you think you can do and you did fabulously! Be proud!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

It's a good thing your shower still works after all that exercise/gardening. Your new co-workers will appreciate a funk-free newbie.

truewonder said...

New here, encouraged by your thoughtful comment and questions on Consciously Frugal's Blog.

Hilarious clip! The actor, Peter...can't remember his last name, made me a true believer in his acting/comedic skill in Elf and Station Agent. Thank you much for sharing and giving me second thoughts about this piece of apple pie for breakfast in my lap.
30 days, huh?
Do they have to be consecutive?!
I'll read more, greatly need better inspiration than apple pie, take care-

The Merry said...

Apple pie for breakfast? Well, it's got fruit in it so I suppose you could argue that it's healthy. Sorta ;)

One downside of exercising 3 hours a day was the increased water bill caused by my needed to bath 3 times a day.

And thanks for all the encouragement!

messymimi said...

It's not just a win, it's a hat trick!


London Mabel said...

Congrats on the job and the challenge!

JavaChick said...

Congrats on the new job!