Friday, September 02, 2011

Day 2 of the 12-1/2% solution

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Quote du jour: I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn't fall down.
- Allen H. Neuharth

Okay, I survived Day 1 of the 12-1/2% solution. No body parts fell off.

I'm thinking today I should stick to the elliptical and try some yoga. Low impact stuff, in other words. The hour of cycling was a bit much for Damn Knee.

It's kinda sad to be scheduling my life around the whims and demands of one particular joint in my body. I'm glad the rest of me isn't so fussy. (Yes, I know that's unfair. It's healing as fast as it can.)

Hero du jour: Man trains to do an 80-mile bike ride in 8 hours... for his 80th birthday. I especially love the part where he mentions that the little voices in his head stopped helping and started to hinder him, so he had to learn to ignore them.

Site du jour: Thanks to Lou, I found a problem-solving flowchart.

Exercise du jour: Again, I'm going to break down the exercise so I don't break down the knee.

Morning: 1 hour elliptical

Noon: 1 hour exercise DVD or more elliptical, depending on what the knee thinks
update: Actually, the knee thought slow gentle walking would be better. It's getting a bit huffy.
Semi-done. Did 1/2 hour.

Night: 1 hour stretching, yoga
Fail. Picked the wrong time to get ill


messymimi said...

Glad the knee survived, even if it did complain some.

Ignore the voices if they say negative things -- i agree.

Spilling Ink said...

Heh! I love the problem solving chart. I have a version of it in my cubicle at work.

We have a saying that goes with a gesture at my work. You cross your arms over your chest and point at the same time. We call it the salute. We have what is commonly referred to as a blame culture.