Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A man, a plan, a ... chainsaw?

Good: The plumber fixed my shower.
Bad: To do so, he had to take a chainsaw to my wall.
Ugly: I've got a hole in the wall that's over five feet tall.

I even took a picture, not that that does much good since I can't find the widget to connect the camera to the computer so I can upload the pic. You'll have to use your imagination. Think the innards of a house exposed. Think two-by-fours. Think fiberglass on the carpet instead of in the wall keeping it nice and warm. That sort of thing.

Am I unrealistic to have expected the plumber to fix the hole before he left? I mean, after all, he did create it in the first place. Didn't his mother teach him to clean up after himself?

Yes, I know I'm being unfair. He was perfectly nice. I have a shower. I shouldn't complain. Much.

Hopefully, a man is going to come by to look at the hole and see what needs to be done. Apparently the edges are only partly sheet rock. The older part of the wall, that wasn't renovated by the flippers, is lath and plaster. Should be fun.

I say "hopefully" because he was actually supposed to come by yesterday at 5 pm. At 8 pm he called to say he couldn't make it and could we reschedule? So I'm taking everything he says with a grain of salt, if not a shot of tequila.

Exercise: I tried to do an hour this morning on the elliptical; only managed 1/2 hour so far. Will get back to it after (if) Mr. Hopeful shows up.

Done! 1 hour ellipticalling

Then I'm scheduling 1 hour gardening,
Done! 1 hour gardening

and an evening hour of ellipticalling.
Fail. Ran out of day before I ran out of To Do list.

I can't do any exercise DVDs at the moment, since I had to take out everything from the office and leave it in boxes all over the living room. Feeble excuse, I know.


One Crazy Penguin said...

Yowza! With all of that, you def need a shot of tequila with your grain of salt.

Maybe you can just call the hole in your wall a decorating choice? Very modern and avant gard?

English Rider said...

Here I go getting all practical again; please ask how the waterproofing of the shower wall was affected and how it will be fixed, so that bigger issues don't follow.

Andrea said...

Oh no! What a nightmare. I am so sorry. Probably not what you needed today.

The Merry said...

The plumber re-did the waterproofing when he replaced the faucets.
What gets me is that the people who flipped the house put in new faucets and shower-innards when they fixed up the house three years ago. The brand new shower valve they put in was what caused all the problems with the shower.
It's amazing how a working shower can improve things :)

solarity said...

A working shower is a good thing! Good luck with Mr. Hole-Fixer. I have learned that plumbers only fix plumbing. The holes they leave behind are Someone Else's Problem.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

The Merry said...

Huh. Sounds like they could have a successful career in politics :(

ari_1965 said...

I'm thinking you save yourself a repair bill and just stop on the corner where the old guy with the tinfoil hat puts out his wares and buy an Elvis on blue velvet. Or perhaps a Madonna on black velvet. Martin Luther King? I've never liked the Dogs Playing Poker one, but to each his own.

messymimi said...

Hope you don't have to look at the hole in the wall for long.

The Merry said...

I'm thinking of forming a gang ;)

London Mabel said...

I like the velvet blanket idea. lol. FGBVs on the hole getting fixed!

Anonymous said... this thing on? If the guy doesn't show up, should I send my dad up there? He's been in the house with Mom for two weeks, and he just called, said he'd like a job so he could get away from her.

McB said...

The "Open space where the plumbing stuff is gang"? It'll never catch on.

The Merry said...

Really? Damn. Okay, I'll have to think up something else instead.