Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Status check: month 2 of Weight Watchers

Are you really curious about this? Okay then, here are the stats after two months on Weight Watchers.

Weight lost
This week: -.8
So far: -9.6 (9 point friggin 6. All it would've taken would be 4 ounces more for me to be just a leeeetle bit happy.)
Average weight loss per week: 1.2 pounds

I am not pleased. Another woman, who joined the week before me, has lost 20 pounds by this weigh-in. (Yes, okay, she does weigh more and work out less. I don't care. I am Not At Home to Ms. Reasonable right now. Everybody is losing weight but me. I'm pissed.)

Total inches lost
Arms: -1/2 inch
Bust: -1 inch
Waist: -4 inches
Hips: -3 inches

What, you think I should cheer up because I'm fitting into smaller pant sizes? Was that Ms. Reasonable I just heard knocking on my door? Sorry, not answering the door. I sat through that WW meeting absolutely starving. I couldn't stand that everyone was talking about food, food, food!

Look, I know it's silly, I know I'm paying too much attention to numbers. I'm still bummed.

Exercise du jour: Cycling to work and back. For that matter, walking at lunch. I'm not working out hard enough, damn it.

Update du later on: Sorry. I wrote most of that last night right after I got home from the meeting. I was tired and ab-so-lute-ly starving, and that tends to make me wear the cranky pants.

I kept it up there because it was honest. Yes, I do want to lose weight as much as the next person, even if the next person is also losing water and muscle as well as fat. I want the weight to come off quickly and stay off forever. I also want a pony, with a pink glittery bridle.

I'll settle for a healthy body that's progressively moving downward on the scale, albeit at the speed of a slug on prozac.


C said...

I share your frustration, but just remind yourself that slow and steady is the best way to go with weight loss.

Also, I'm gonna need you to remind me I said this in a few weeks time when I start griping about not losing weight fast enough. :)

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine dropped 5 lbs in a week and I just held steady. Am I pissed? Yes, of course I am. I'm also in far better shape than her and have a fantastic butt because of all my time on the treadmill. She has been largely sedentary for months. She lost more because she had more flab to start with. Me, I have muscles-- gorgeous glorious muscles.

There, I feel better even if you don't!


Larkspur said...

I am picturing your glittery pony. I think it should come with its own stable and groom, don't you?

Ten pounds-- sorry, 9.6-- is actually A LOT. That's great progress. I, personally, would be thrilled. I'm thrilled with 20 something in like what, nine months.

Maybe (stop reading if suggestions not indicated!) work towards something more livable/not so hungry that still works? Can you eat weeklies or flex points or something like that?

Dr. J said...

Don't worry about the next person Merry! Besides most people are GAINING weight! A pound a week is sustainable. DO NOT QUIT! If it were me, I'd add just a little more walking, but then I'm the next person :-)

JavaChick said...

Oh Merry. I would be thrilled to be losing a pound a week. Hang in there, it sounds like something is working for you - even if it is slower than you'd like.

Crabby McSlacker said...

You already know this but I can't help saying it again: INCHES ARE WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN POUNDS!

Pounds are just an arbitrary number, and they don't capture muscle gain or loss. And some "fast" losers are losing muscle along with fat and messing up their metabolisms.

To lose that many inches is awesome!!! I'd say you're doing fantastic. And if you're doing it while building up muscle you're in a great position for maintaining your losses in the long haul.

On the Bright Side said...

I can't believe you aren't pleased. I'm jelous! Over the holidays, you managed to lose 9.6 pounds, while the rest of us GAINED 9.6 pounds! That's a net total of 19 point something pounds! Seriously. Good job!

LaShaune said...

Gawd, I'm absolutely delighted to know I'm not the only harboring ill-feelings toward my plumper friend who claims that all her clothes are too big on her and she only comes to the gym on Wed & Sun while I sweat my butt off (literally, my butt is soaking wet - yeah, I know TMI) 4-5 days/week and watch every morsel I put in my mouth - WTH!!!

Ok, Im done venting.

And like Barb said, we (yeah, I'm including you in this 'we') have more muscle than those who are shedding it like the Hoover Dam exploding.

*OOOOO, word verification: Prize - so you may just get your pony.

Anonymous said...

Not to ruin your angry-party, but I would love to lose 10 lbs. Love to. You are doing awesome despite the crazy lady who lost 20lbs!!

The Merry said...

Yeah, I know I'm whining. I probably would've been a whole lot happier with these results if everyone else at the meeting weren't doing so much "better" scale-wise.

That's a down side to Weight Watchers: it skews your perspective toward numbers on the scale rather than inches lost (waves at Crabby) or an increase in stamina. For instance, I took the long route to the WW meeting because I wanted to jog for 28 minutes straight.

I am making progress. Just doesn't feel like it.

Marste said...

Just remember Merry:
Slow and steady wins the race.
A slow marathon is still farther than a fast sprint.

Damn. I swear there are more cliches like that and I can't think of them all now.

Oh, wait! He who dies with the most toys . . . no, that's not it, either.

But hey! I'm with Crabby! Inches are better than pounds! (Dude, that is one of the BIG problems I have with WW: I get SUPER-obssessed on the numbers. And for someone who puts on muscle fast? Numbers are NOT MY FRIENDS. Not short-term, anyway.)

Shelley said...

Holy cow, you can jog for 28 minutes? In a row??? Color me impressed!!!

Anything that puts all the emphasis on the scale (WW, The Biggest Loser, etc) is flawed. Girl, you lost 4 inches off your waist?!? That is fan-freaking-tastic!!! I'll bet you can fit into a smaller pants size already!

Roxie said...

Well Hello, The Merry.

Thanks for commenting on my drafty blog. I look forward to reading more about your journey that takes place in my home state!

Sometimes, I too, live in the land of rainbows and unicorns and ride a pink sparkly pony!

Have a great day!

Liz said...

Keep in mind that the scale is just a guidance counselor of sorts. You may not be losing weight as quickly because you're exercising and replacing fat with new muscle. Give it time. :)
I got stuck at the same weight for most of 2009 - I have just recently been able to break that cycle.

Also, don't let the weight that others has lost stifle your efforts. We all lose weight very differently and at different weights. The people who have more to lose often lose a lot of water weight right away then their efforts slow down.

9.6 is an awesome amount of loss!!! You're doing a great job.

Lu said...

So, I have this friend who is skinny. She has recently lost weight. I'm a little jealous. But, put her and me in a yoga studio and she'd be on the floor in 9.6 seconds. You're doing great!

The Merry said...

Thank you all for your comments! You've cheered me up immensely.