Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Honestly, it's enough to make anyone join the Fat Acceptance movement

Quote du jour: The fat person doesn't have many pleasures. He can't bowl; he can't dance; he can't do anything because he can barely support his own body even just walking -- so he eats. - Jean Nidetch

In case you were wondering, Jean Nidetch was the founder of Weight Watchers.

In fairness to her, that was written over 40 years ago and people (and their attitudes) have changed. My mother cleaned out her pantry and gave me her copy of the original Weight Watchers cookbook. From 1966. The other quote on the back cover talks about how J. Nidetch used to be a compulsive eater and is now a compulsive size 12. I know sizes have changed, but even if that translates nowadays as being a compulsive size 10, I can't imagine anyone bragging about it. Maybe a compulsive size 4.

Not all changes are for the good.

Site du jour: 7 Common survival tactics that will get you killed. Close your eyes and think of California ;)

Exercise du jour: Week 9, day 2 of the c25k. 30 minutes running. Also, I want to -- no, that's not strong enough. I will walk at lunch for an hour. (Really, I will. I got the manual in by the deadline, so I can take a whole hour off at lunch.)
Done! Walked three miles, then jogged for 30 minutes after work. Okay, I did cheat. After 8 minutes, I walked for a whole minute to rest my cramping calf muscles. Then I only added on another 30 seconds at the end of the run. For some reason, this time was a lot harder.


Dr. J said...

I have gone on runs over lunch when I had the time. It usually felt good to run around our campus, and made my afternoon work much more pleasant.

Good luck!!

McB said...

Well sizes have changed, but so has our interpretation of them. Many of the glamour stars of the 1940s and 50s, I've heard, were a size 12 and nobody every called them fat. But back then, women were proud of having hips and an eye-catching bustline. Today we all want to be a size 2, but we also keep Victoria in business selling Wonder Bras.

I stopped worrying about fitting into size 2 jeans when I realized they'd also fit the average 12yo boy. And you just have to wonder about an industry that thinks that is the ideal shape for a grown woman.

RebeccaJ said...

I actually think that's still a relevant quote. I remember when I was 100 pounds heavier than I am now that eating was an important pleasure and one that I could always do well. I actually could manage the a day at DisneyLand but twerent easy and there was a lot of eating during those type of trips. Interesting quote.

Crabby McSlacker said...

That survival link cracked me up. Some of those tactics were ones I'd actually believed!

And somehow it never occurred to me that WW had a founder--I suppose I thought the whole organization just sprung up one day, fully formed.

Shelley said...

Well, hell. I really thought drinking my own pee was gonna save me someday.

messymimi said...

Enjoyed the link.

Congrats on getting the manual in by the deadline. I know work hasn't been easy lately.

LMI said...

The survival list link is hilarious!

Theresa said...

Well done on the walking and running!

The Merry said...

Rebecca, I wanted to thank you for your comment. It's not a point of view that I have experienced personally, and it's always good to see things from a different perspective.
I've never been more than 90 pounds over my 'ideal' weight, and honestly if someone told me that I couldn't do something because I was fat, I would feel insulted. I've had people look at me and say "well, if /you/ can do that long bike ride, I sure can." I left them in the well-deserved dust.