Friday, January 08, 2010

Australian Chutzpah

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
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Site du jour: It's hard to believe a country like Australia could produce both Hugh Jackman and a realtor who has the chutzpah* to sell a hole in the ground (yes, literally) as a home. Who doesn't want a home with "explosive storage magazines" in it?

Exercise du jour: Walking, jogging, yoga.
Exercise fail. When does pain mean refrain? I postponed last night's jogging, and my legs are still cranky this morning. Did the yoga.

*And a similar hole in the ground has already sold, which is one more instance of the truism that there's someone out there for everyone.


Gigi said...

Just think of the fun you could have if you bought the hole in the ground and started your own militia with Hugh!

Have a great weekend.

messymimi said...

I think I might know a conspiracy theorist who would be interested.

Michael said...

Apropos of your admirable exercise regime, may I suggest adding a bike of the sit-up comfy type.

Bringing a bike into your life as daily transport for short trips, will ensure that you you get continuous exercise almost without planning it.

Look at the Dutch here. They are in great shape, mentally and physically, and on a rich and tempting diet too.

Find further bike incitement, my blog

And for inspiration as to how beautiful one can look in a bike, see Copenhagen Cycle Chic, one of the best bike blogs in the world for beauty of the beast.

Good luck Mike

The Merry said...

As luck would have it, on the day's schedule I do have 'visit my LBS.' Not sure if I'm ready for a bent bike, but I do need new lights for my old steel bike.

E said...

I love the C25K program. Keep it up - you are doing great. Are you still having shin splints?

The Merry said...

Hi RK! Yes, the shins are still complaining, but much much less than they were yesterday. I'm going to try going on to the 8th week of the c25k tomorrow.

If I can't, then I'll repeat the 7th. I'll still get there eventually :)

Tricia said...

Hope youre enjoying your weekend!