Sunday, January 24, 2010

Need to crank it up a notch

funny pictures of dogs with captions

I'm tired of taking it slow, being careful and not injuring myself.

That, boys and girls, is an example of what they mean when they use the phrase 'Famous Last Words.' It's just asking for an injury.

Okay, I'm not tired of non-injury. But I do want to see if I can take things a little farther.

This week, I've switched over to jogging for mileage. I want to work on increasing the distance I can go, even if it's at a slow pace. Then when I've gotten the leg tendons used to that, I'll start adding in the occasional sprint.

Probably should've put up a picture of a tortoise instead of a puppy.

Exercise du jour: Jogged 2.5 miles
Done! My poor achin' stomach didn't really appreciate the exercise, but the legs didn't seem to mind too much. I do love the virtuous feeling you get when you do your exercise in the a.m. instead of last thing at night!


Dr. J said...

Way to go! Be careful about the sprinting, OK? Long slow distance will get you the foundation you need to support your fitness plans, Merry. The doctor knows what he's prescribing :-)

Kyle said...

Been following recently...I forget if this is my first comment or not.

When I ski, I always consider a cliche phrase..."No Falls, No Balls". I guess it means that if you aren't falling then you aren't pushing yourself to ski above your current level and improve.

Well, I say..."No Falls, No Falls". Which for me means, I don't need to try and kill myself to both improve and enjoy myself.

I'm new to running too and try and listen carefully to what my body is telling me. I also want to get to be a "good" runner. Anyway, I'm doing my best to follow the C25K program as designed and not try and work ahead even though I feel I could push myself a bit.

In short, do what feels right, but still listen to what your body tells you.

Enjoy your blog!

Getting Better and Better

adorkable said...

i adore your blog. there is something about your wittyness, authenticity, or all-around awesomeness that gives this place a super stellar vibe and makes me want to visit all the time. i enjoy your posts. i laugh at the hilarious pictures. you are awesome. that is all.

(and yes, i am checking back consistently - gold star x10 for getting your workouts done! :D)

carpeviam said...

Yuck, no injuries. Make them stay away. I'm dealing with IT now. Lots of loving touches to the IT. ;)

messymimi said...

Good for you! You keep at it, at a sensible pace.

I like morning exercise, too. Makes me feel like I've earned my breakfast.

The Merry said...

Messym -- yes. You get to start the day out feeling good, regardless of how the rest of the day turns out :)

Carpev., reading about your IT problem is good inspiration to take it easy!

Adorkable *blush*

Welcome, Kyle! I don't often get the feeling that I should push faster, but I can understand that it must be frustrating. Still, reading CarpeV's blog is a good warning!

Dr. J, thanks for the prescription. I figure it's worked for other people, so maybe it'll work for me. Worth trying.