Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Blame Game

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Quote du jour: Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.
- Have Fun with English blog

I might not be able to make all possible mistakes, but this week I've made a serious try.

The bad part: I got discouraged. I gave myself up to feasting. Mini-feasting, anyway. A little bad food here, a little more bad food there, and of course a glass of wine to wash it down with. Work is crazy too right now. That will get better in a couple weeks, but it's been a fight to find time to exercise.

Where I screwed up: The day of the WW weigh-in, I'd eaten about 800 calories (because I really wanted to make the goal of 10 pounds -- I had planned to eat more after weighing) and exercised for 90 minutes, and I was -- well, you can tell from the tone of my writing that night. I felt tired and discouraged. What was the point?

Lesson learned: I left that post up because I want to remember not to push myself that far again. That's a drawback to WW -- it's easy to start playing stupid scale games just to keep up with the next person. If I push too far, I end up worse off than I had been before.

In summary: I've gained this week. Going to the Weight Watchers meeting this week is going to be really depressing.

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On the plus side, I no longer feel completely starving, light-headed, and cranky. The bad attitude was the worst part. When I get that hungry, I want to kick little furry kittens and insult Mother Theresa.

Today I will start to climb out of this hole that I've dug with my fork.

Exercise du jour: Starting the last week of the C25K. Week 9, Day 1. 30 minutes running.
Done! Indoors, slowly, but done. The cranky tendon didn't start to complain until 27 minutes into the run, so I told it to shut up for three more minutes. Which apparently it was okay with. (I know. I should've run outside. I'm a wuss. I'm tired of getting rained on.)


Hilary said...

The beauty of it being a process is that you can put the falters behind you and keep plugging away. Good luck with your new resolve. I'm sure you do fine. :)

On the Bright Side said...

I can relate. I have done the whole weight watchers hypoglycemic coma weigh in followed by a small snack, turned into 10 snacks totaling 20 points. Honestly, I'm so all or nothing it's ridiculous. Being moderate is hard! Good for you for getting back on track. That seems to be the secret to weight loss and maintenence. No one does perfect all the time. :)

Shelley said...

I like your analogy of digging a hole with a fork...something we dieters truly understand! Another thing I get is the WW weigh in - I used to starve myself...not even drink any water before the WI. It's bizarre how crazy you can get before those WI's!

Hope you have a great week...onward and downward (oh, and nice work on the C25K!)

Gigi said...

Why limit it to one fork? I've always been a two-handed hole digger when it comes right down to it. Indecision is a bore. Hope next week is better for you.

LaShaune said...

you're not alone on mini-feasting, I've even added sodas to the mix (I rarely drink sodas). now, we've got to figure out how to incorporate more fiber dense foods that are actually tasty to curb that hunger-cranky-get out of my way or I will run you over with my car feeling and still keep within limits.

messymimi said...

Errors are not fatal.

You will not let this translate from "bad week" into "I quit."

Hilary @ Tiny Glow said...

Gah, how have I not been reading your blog before now? I'm glad you commented on my latest post so that I could click on your link and come over here! I can definitely relate to some of these Weight Watchers experiences, having been a chronic member since my early 20s. Hang in there!

McB said...

First - talk to the leader if you are having dizziness. It might well be that your budget needs adjusted. Everyones metabolism is different. Yours maY require more carbs or something. If you are having low sugar issues they need to know and will work with you.

Second , and maYbe I've said this already but it's worth repeating. Fasting the day of or night before weighing because your body won't register the change for a day or two. Likewise if you pigged out 3 days before, it will show regardless of fasting rituals.

Just make sure you pee befor getting on the scale, and always where the same very leight weight outfit.

And finally, give yourself a break. You are changing the habits of a lifetime.

The Merry said...

Really? I mean, all 'the gang' at WW go without (or say they go without) drinking liquids on weigh-in day. You mean they've been lying to me? 'Cause I sure as heck can't -- or ain't gonna -- go three days without drinking water.

Anonymous said...

I think it takes a week for my food/exercise to impact my weight, unless I eat something salty, in which case there's no use weighing. Of course, I weigh anyway, but the scale is annoying, doesn't give much details, just a general trend over time. It probably doesn't help that I use about 4 different scales, at whatever random time of day I happen to be near them