Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In praise of idleness

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For once, my inner sloth and I are in accord. I spent the weekend using my legs as little as possible. Got my act together and my car fixed, and I would like to record the fact that I drove the evilSUV to work today with a clear conscience. Rest is good. Rest is my friend.
Rest is going to make my legs happy again very soon.

Now, if I could just get a break from work then my arms could heal too. Have an old injury in my neck (herniated disks) and the excessive hours at work are causing the pain to flare up good. Can't rest or compress my neck/back, but I'm doing the ice packs at work. And ibuprofen. I should buy stock in Advil.

Exercise du jour: I'm going to try a Pilates DVD, see if I can do that without causing my neck/upper back to go into spasms. I'm all for resting what's injured, but it feels really weird to do nothing.


Marste said...

Ummmm . . . I love my Pilates. I mean I LOVE it. But if your neck is jacked, be VERY careful about which exercises you do. Skip most of them. Seriously. Do the Astronaut and . . . um. The Astronaut. Most of the Pilates moves call for some neck movement, and if your disk is messed up, you should probably just let it heal. You don't want to piss it off and rupture it. Voice of experience here, so trust me on that one, ok? NOT. FUN.

Also, do you know how to wrap your legs for shin splints? With the criss-cross wrapping? You should be able to find it on YouTube, but if not, email me and I'll find a demo. It helps SO MUCH.

Feel better soon!

The Merry said...

Oh, Frappacino! Pilates hurts the neck? It's been so long since I had this problem. Maybe yoga?

I haven't heard about wrapping the legs for shin splints. Theresa mentioned stretching, and that seems to be helping. I'll search for the wrapping tonight.

LaShaune said...

Since my back surgery, pilates kills my back - can't do it - I stay away from it. But yoga - love love love. Because the moves are slower and more focused, it's easier on the back and neck (although I still have issues with down-dog).

Hope you heal up soon.

woo hoo for repairing your auto-mo-bile!

solarity said...

What my physical therapist said about doing yoga after I sprained my knee: "Good! Just don't do anything that hurts." This probably applies to necks as well. And shins.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Theresa said...

I think the pilates depends on the moves and what level of workout you are trying for. In my class, most of our moves are done with a very slow movement.

Also, I find it very easy to strain my neck, but I find if I avoid anything sit-up like, I'm generally fine. That still leaves lots of mid and lower ab pilates exercises, e.g., single leg stretch. It's one of the first exercises we learned, but I still get a lot out of it. Often exercises can be taken down a notch. You don't have to involve the head and neck, even though it may show it in the exercise.

Are there any beginners pilates classes in your area? And in my experience, avoid anything that bills itself as "fitness pilates".

Theresa said...

Merry, you might find it interesting to checkout this:
Pilates Modification Tips